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Harm Reduction Masterclass

November 15, 2022 @ 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Free Course

IMPORTANT: registrations for training will become live approximately two months prior to start of training. To enrol in this or any training, you must click the link below and complete the registration. If you do not complete the registration, you will not have a place in the training. If you experience a broken link, please get in touch with us at elevate@vaada.org.au


The Harm Reduction Masterclass comprises of seven modules over two half-days, each one designed to give you a basic understanding of each topic:


Harm Reduction 101

  • Understand the history of harm reduction in Victoria & Australia.
  • Understand the National Drug Strategy policy of Harm Minimisation and how Harm Reduction fits in to this policy.
  • Understand the Substance, Set and Setting principles as a way to understand an individual’s drug experience.

Safer Injecting

  •  Understand safer injecting practices, including injecting sites; using a tourniquet, and infection & Blood Borne Virus risk.
  • Understand the circulatory system and the difference between veins and arteries.
  • Understand through “hands-on” demonstration the drug mixing up process and the transmission risk points during the process.

Drug Overdose & Adverse Effects

  • Understand some of the common myths around opioid overdose.
  • Be able to recognize the signs of overdose and of and actions to take in different circumstances
  • Understand when and how to intervene in overdose situations.

Naloxone Administration

  • Understand where to obtain naloxone for clients
  • Understand the different formulations of naloxone available
  • Understand the difference between someone who is ‘on the nod’ or overdosing and the appropriate time to administer naloxone.


Introduction to Pharmacotherapy

  • Be aware of the pharmacotherapy options available to PWUD in Victoria.
  • Understand how to access pharmacotherapy in Victoria.
  • Be aware of Victoria’s “broken system”

Working Effectively with people who use drugs

  • Understand barriers to doing effective work with people who use drugs (PWUD), in particular people who inject drugs
  • Understand and challenge the ‘gateway drug’ theory.
  • Understand common myths about PWID; the effects of criminalisation and stigma on the health of PWUD

Stigma & Discrimination

  • Understand how stigma and discrimination act as a barrier in healthcare settings.
  • Understand how frameworks of morality and social discourse frame our understanding of drug use.
  • Understand how we can all contribute to eliminating stigma and discrimination in ourselves and our services

Harm Reduction Masterclass

Free Course
Training Mode Online

VAADA acknowledges the support of the Victoria Government