Travel Contribution

Travel from regional and rural Victoria to trainings being held in metro-Melbourne was identified as a significant barrier to learning. The Department of Health has responded to this by providing funding for a Travel Contribution and VAADA will support this with administering the funds within the guidelines of the program.

Who’s this initiative for?

The accommodation contribution scheme is available to existing workers in the Victorian state-funded AOD sector who may not have access to training in their region. The scheme aims to increase access and equity to training for AOD workers located in rural and remote areas.

How it works

The scheme is an accommodation and meal allowance paid to the worker’s organisation after the training has taken place and attendance of the worker is confirmed. Organisations and workers are responsible for organising and booking accommodation. The contribution is a fixed amount regardless of the cost of accommodation. Please note the scheme does not cover transportation costs. The payment is calculated based on the distance “as the crow flies” from the postcode where the worker travels from, to Melbourne. For example, if a person is travelling from Bendigo (3550) the distance is 132km to Melbourne.


We assume that if you are travelling from a location greater than 200km from Melbourne you will travel the day before training and travel home the day after training.

Special Circumstances

There may be circumstances in which a worker will require accommodation to attend training. For example, a person who does not meet the criteria based on geographical location may still experience barriers to attending training because they have a disability. Organisations are encouraged to apply under special circumstances on behalf of their employee and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Payment Structure

Distance One day’s training Two day’s training
100 – 200kms from Melbourne CBD 1 night’s accommodation: $50 meal allowance, $200 accommodation 2 night’s accommodation: $100 meal allowance $400 accommodation
Greater than 200 kms from CBD 2 night’s accommodation: $100 meal allowance, $400 accommodation 3 night’s accommodation: $150 meal allowance $600 accommodation

Terms and Conditions

  • Workers travelling from locations 100 kms or less from Melbourne are not eligible.
  • This contribution does not cover transportation costs such as petrol, bus or train etc.
  • Contribution payments are fixed regardless of the cost of accommodation. There is no kilometre limit for organisations applying under special circumstances as long as an adequate reason is given.
  • Contributions are paid to organisations, not directly to the worker. It is assumed the organisation will cover costs of accommodation, meals and travel as per the SCHCADS or other relevant award.
  • Contribution requests are subject to approval. Once approved payment will be made in 7 business days
  • Contribution is paid for enrolled training only. It excludes any forum, symposium, conference or other event advertised on Elevate!

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