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ACECHO- AOD Collaborative ECHO

October 23 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

The AOD Collaborative ECHO (ACECHO) partnership involves VAADA, Turning Point, and Goulburn Valley Health. This dedicated ECHO for Victorian AOD state-funded services aims to enhance the capabilities of AOD workers in addressing substance use issues among their clients. The primary objective of these sessions is to foster a community of AOD workers with varying levels of expertise, united by the shared goal of improving the well-being, and achieving positive outcomes, for individuals with problematic substance use.

Conducted under the guidance of Turning Point, each session commences with a presentation delivered by a Turning Point expert or a related professional, focusing on a specific topic. This is followed by an in-depth case consultation, during which attendees have the opportunity to ask questions or offer recommendations based on a case study presented by one of the participants.

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23rd October, 2024

When too much caution can mean too little care: CAPA – Community Access to Pharmacotherapy for Alcohol
Presenter – Paul McCartney

Alcohol Use Disorder is a prevalent condition, yet access to effective, evidence-based medical treatments remains significantly inadequate. This discussion aims to explore the available treatments and emphasise our collective responsibility to ensure their utilization.

Paul is a General Practitioner and Addiction Medicine Specialist who has worked in Community Health in Fitzroy and Collingwood for the past 24 years. He has particular interests in addiction medicine, homelessness and mental health. Paul has also worked in the role of Clinical Mentor for the North West Pharmacotherapy Network helping to support GPs to manage opiate dependent patients and was an advisor for the GP Clinical Advisory Service. He also ran a GP addiction medicine clinic in Shepparton for seven years. Paul has provided training in opioid agonist treatment over a number of years to many GPs and other health practitioners and continues to supervise GP and Addiction Medicine Registrars in community health. Paul is passionate about people wanting help with substance use problems being able to access appropriate treatments. Paul has three children and shares a farm in Nagambie with two other families where he tends an organic orchard and nut grove and keeps bees.

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Case presentations by participating healthcare providers are the cornerstone of the ECHO model. Presentations are always followed by an open Q & A discussion of the case and recommendations by the hub team. To submit a case study, click Go to Form.

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ACECHO- AOD Collaborative ECHO

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