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Insight are specialist providers of alcohol and other drug training, education, clinical resources and practice advice for workers and services. Our aim is to build a capable, confident and connected AOD and mental health workforce. Our primary audience are specialist alcohol and drug and mental health practitioners, hospital staff and other generalist health and community service providers. Whilst we primarily service Queensland-based workers, our clinical tools, resources and training are utilised across Australia.

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Em: insight@health.qld.gov.au
Nov 30
Supervisee Training for the AOD sector
clock Duration: 30 minutes - 1 hour
location Delivery Mode: E-Learn

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Supervision is a critical tool for supporting your professional development, wellbeing and a workplace culture that embraces best practice in working with forensic clients. Supervision encourages the translation of training to workplace best practice and provides an opportunity for skills deepening through reflection and analysis of on-the-job experiences. Supervision sessions are guided by an experienced staff member who creates a safe, non-judgmental space for supervisees to reflect on specific interactions with clients and the outcomes of such interactions, and to identify opportunities to strengthen practice through applying the skills developed in training. PLEASE NOTE: CLICK ON ENROL NOW TO BE RE-DIRECTED TO INSIGHT'S ONLINE PLATFORM.

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  • Training Type: Non-accredited
  • Topic: Supervision/Supervisee
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Provider: Insight Queensland

Eligibility Criteria

This training has been funded for workers employed in a Victorian State-funded Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) service, including those who are new to the AOD sector or recently employed under the COVID-19 Workforce Initiative and Peer workers.

Who is not eligible?

Students on placement or internships, workers from other community sectors such as Family Violence, Homelessness and Mental Health and AOD workers outside of Victoria.