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The Centre for Mental Health Learning is the central agency for public mental health workforce development in Victoria. CMHL provides online learning to Mental Health and AOD workers.

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Nov 30
Forensic Foundations
clock Duration: 1-2 hours
location Delivery Mode: E-Learn, Online

Enrolments are open. Read instructions on how to access the course!

Forensic Foundations is a self-directed e-learn course for new Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) sector staff to provide foundational knowledge to support the provision of AOD treatment of forensic clients. Click on the ENROL NOW button to be re-directed to the Centre for Mental Health Learning online portal.  

clock Timetable:
location Details:
  • Training Type: Non-accredited
  • Topic: Forensic
  • Priority Population: All
  • Age Group: Adult
  • Location: 

    Online, self-directed learning.

About this training:

The Forensic Foundations E-learn is designed for new Alcohol & Other Drug (AOD) sector staff to provide foundational knowledge to support the provision of AOD treatment of forensic clients. This one-hour e-learn will assist you to navigate the forensic AOD system and processes. The content was developed by VAADA and the e-learn was designed by Caraniche. Specifically, the e-learn course will provide you with foundational knowledge about:

  • how a forensic client is defined
  • the differences between forensic and voluntary clients
  • the key stakeholders and their roles and responsibilities
  • the AOD funding system (targets and loadings for forensic treatment)
  • treatment options for forensic clients
  • the main referral pathways between the criminal justice and AOD treatment systems
  • clinical safety, supervision and self-care

This E-learn provides the foundational knowledge that is further expanded on in the Forensic Fundamentals training workshop.

Instructions on enrolling:

NB: workers from Gateway Health will not be able to access the CMHL site at work due to firewall restrictions

  • Click on the ENROL NOW button below.  You will be redirected to the CMHL website
  • Click on SIGN UP (create an account).  Once you have entered your information click SIGN UP again.  Check your inbox to activate your CMHL account
  • Click the link in the email.  SIGN IN to your account using the email and the password you just created
  • On the PROFILE page, complete your professional information and click SAVE PROFILE
  • Now access Forensic Foundations by clicking on COURSES in the left-hand menu
  • Click on VAADA Forensic Foundations
Provider: Centre For Mental Health Learning

Eligibility Criteria

This training has been funded for workers employed in a Victorian State-funded Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) service, including those who are new to the AOD sector or recently employed under the COVID-19 Workforce Initiative and Peer workers.

Who is not eligible?

Students on placement or internships, workers from other community sectors such as Family Violence, Homelessness and Mental Health and AOD workers outside of Victoria.