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The AOD Collaborative ECHO

The AOD Collaborative ECHO (ACECHO) is a partnership involving VAADA, Turning Point, and GVHealth and supported by the Victorian Department of Health. This ECHO program aims to enhance the capabilities of AOD workers in addressing substance use issues among their clients. The primary objective of these sessions is to foster a community of AOD workers with varying levels of expertise, united by the shared goal of improving well-being and achieving positive outcomes for individuals with problematic substance use.

Conducted under the guidance of Turning Point, each session commences with a presentation delivered by a Turning Point expert or a related professional, focusing on a specific topic. This is followed by an in-depth case consultation, during which attendees can ask questions or offer recommendations based on a case study presented by one of the participants.

By utilising a real-time online format, participants in this program will be able to:

  • Acquire new approaches and skills
  • Engage in thorough case consultations
  • Receive feedback and recommendations
  • Contribute their expertise to a community of colleagues
  • Earn CPD points (self-managed)
  • Get to know colleagues across the state

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Submit a case presentation

Case presentations by participating healthcare providers are the cornerstone of the ECHO model. Presentations are always followed by an open question-and-answer discussion of the case and recommendations by the hub team. To submit a case for presentation, click on the button below.